AGRANA Fruit Australia

The business was established in the 1960’s as a processor of fresh fruit grown in the area. Over the years there was a gradual evolution away from fresh fruit processing firstly to hot packing fruit products and then to become the first processor in Australia to install a true aseptic processing line. This family owned and operated business became part of what is now known as the AGRANA Group in 1989. Development of our site then proceeded rapidly with several factory enlargements and renovations, construction of new product development labs,constructions of cool rooms and freezers and installation of new processing lines to meet the ever growing needs of our customers and the consumer of the 21st century. Our core expertise in fruit and fruit technology built up over decades of business has earned us a position as market leader.

Close links have been forged with our parent company and its other subsidiaries across the world. This ensures that  local Australian customers and our customers that are subsidiaries of international corporations can enjoy the same high standard of innovation and quality that being a part of the international market leader in fruit preparations for the chilled dairy market  brings.
AGRANA is a premier supplier to the leading international and domestic brands worldwide. By acquiring established global leaders Atys, Steirerobst, Wink, Vallo Saft and DSF-- the future of AGRANA Fruit is unlimited. We have a company with remarkable product and market expertise around the world. Our group of 4,487 employees and 38 production plants has the capability to producing over 670,000 ton of processed fruit.

AGRANA's main operations are in the USA, France, Mexico, Austria and Poland, followed by Czech Republic, Australia, Korea, South Africa and Argentina. Our presence in China and Turkey are more recent and growing steadily with 4 additional plants established in 2006 Germany, Austria, Ukraine and Russia.
AGRANA's Belgium facility, established in 2004, is a European leader in the manufacturing and distribution of IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) fruit, deep frozen fruit salads, fruit mixes, deco fruits, fruit purees, pieces, toppings and coulis to the industrial, food service, bakery and retail sector. AGRANA has also decided to invest in a fruit preparation plant in Cabreuva/Brazil together with a Brazilian frozen food company (stake of AGRANA>75%).
AGRANA's intention is to continue to successfully extend its geographic coverage to establish a presence in new countries through export development, acquisitions, joint ventures and / or grass root investments.
In the years to come AGRANA is committed to the development and supply of products which contribute to health nutrition, directing its resources not only to the dairy market but also the bakery, ice cream, confectionary, frozen desserts, fruit beverage and food service markets.

In conclusion, with the guidance of clear ethical principles shared by all AGRANA employees, who in particular are aimed at treating with the highest respect its suppliers, its customer and the final consumer, the top priorities of AGRANA are:
Food Safety and Quality with traceability from the field to the end product.
Innovation, in order to conceive tailored-made products, which are at the cutting edge of international market trends and to follow the increasingly important attrition rate of our customer's products.
Global Procurement and management of common materials, leveraging commercial benefits and the highest levels of quality control, with an emphasis on "faster than market" growth in fruit preparations and fruit juices.
Cost Competitiveness, in order to make our customers successful in the market place, through optimizing the value of money.

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