About Us


Since 1989, the AGRANA group has had a presence in Australia with our manufacturing and corporate offices located on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW in Central Mangrove.


AGRANA Fruit Australia oversees the management of an operation in Fiji which processes tropical fruit purees. Its main products are Banana, Guava and Mango available in both organic and non organic certified forms.
AGRANA Fruit Fiji operates in the tourist centre of Coral Coast based in the town of Sigatoka. Locally managed this business also produces a range of drinks and drink concentrates in cans and plastic bottles as well as canned jams and tomato sauce all for the local retail and catering market.

Our organic certification details are as follows:

  • Certifier is Australian Certified Organic
  • Certification is for both producer and processor
  • Certification complies with both USFDA and EEC regulation 2092/91
  • Australian Certified Organic is a member of IFOAM – the international organic organisation

Fruit is sourced from the rich tropical valleys and ridges of the main island of Fiji Viti Levu and processed on site into 20lt aseptic packs. In addition to purees we produce banana pieces which from May 2008 will also be in aseptic form.

The natural upgrade.

  • Sugar.
  • Starch.
  • Fruit.